An app for drivers and all


Here’s one “just for fun” and learning project that I conceptualised few days back, and planning to work on over the next couple of months in between other things.

A location–aware ride sharing app that allows people with shared interests come together and avail real-time ride sharing options.

A car owner wanting to share his ride with other declares his want, which is beamed by the app with the current location, final destination, via route, occupancy, total number of people who can share the ride and amount desired by the owner per user… can even be zero :). The info is beamed to people with shared interests and whose geo-location while using the app fall within a 1 kms radius from the route trail. The owner can see the number of users available on the route to whom the announcement is being beamed to. Could use the Zypr API to enable voice recognition so the driver doesnot need to fiddle with the mobile while driving. A geo-fencing API like Gimbal helps to beam the information only to users from defined locations (within a radius) along the route.

When other users declare they want to join the ride, the owner confirms acceptance and simultaneously generates a Glympse view of the user to the owner and vice-versa. The acceptance action leverages the DocuSign API to ensure acceptance of contractual requirements for the service.

What makes it even better is that “Declare a WANT”, and there are thing’s out there – not necessarily just a ride! Users get best available deals on their route location from various service/retail shops.

Credibility thumbs up from users (both drivers and riders) who have met and had a good experience, and possible friend-of-friend integrations will kick-in to ensure it doesn’t necessarily need to be a blind-meetup.


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