The boon of my early career mistakes

Throughout my early childhood days, I grew up wanting to be a doctor, eventually landed up studying statistics, and went on to become a journalist in addition to prior stints in TV Production. Soon enough, I landed up changing my field to become a Public Relations professional.

All through, I was simply going with the wind and situations that impacted those decisions. A part of my sub-conscious self classified those decisions as a series of mistakes, and the other as exposures – albeit I had no idea where and how these exposures would matter.

As a newbie in Public Relations, I chanced upon some great brands and really inspiring people who allowed a Public Relations student like me to experiment further into the then fledgling domain of social media (though at that point, the term “social media” didn’t really exist – people would use different terms from Web2.0 to Conversational Web).

Several years later, in my new role as the Social Media Manager, I finally know that my other subconscious self was correct. Each of those rolling stone experiences from Statistics to Journalism to TV Production to Public Relations came together to help me appreciate social media better.


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