Because He Said He Did

A person released a video on the web on 3rd September with the confession that he killed a man due to drunken driving. Matthew Cordle, as he identifies himself in the video, says he understands that the admission could lead to a long prison sentence, but wants his confession to help persuade others not to drink and drive.

To do so, he makes the confession video for “Because I Said I Would” –  a social movement dedicated to bettering humanity through the power of a promise.

Since the release of this video, Matt has been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. The hearing is scheduled for September 18th.

Alex Sheen, founder of “Because I Said I Would” writes about his decision to help Matt:

On August 9th, a man sent a message to our Facebook page asking for my help. We receive thousands of messages each month, but this particular message was unfortunately unique. I understand that releasing this controversial video that may change the way you think about because I said I would. I know that everyone will not agree with my decision to get involved. I decided to help because the man who is sitting in this chair has something to say that I believe you should hear.

I find this inspiring because how else do you live with the guilt. It’s very compelling and will help spread the cause.

Will the legal system also find it compelling, and be a bit more lenient with Matt ‘because he said he did’? If it does, it will be the power of the ‘story’ to drive change.


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