The Top Five Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

1. Content first.

The King has reclaimed its empire, and this time it’s more visually appealing. Rich Content will be at the heart of digital marketing with three core pillars: Creativity, Context and Care. We are going to see the rise and the rise of visual story-telling: micro-videos will gain momentum, and infographics (or some form of it) will become the norm for sharing ideas and concepts. News outlets will use more and more infographics, and the brand newsroom will require new skillsets.

 2. KPIs of engagement

Social media engagement will come under the scanner of ROI. Marketers will seek more and more value out of the platforms forcing the KPI’s of engagement to be lot more strategic than likes, fans and sentiment. The social media strategies will need to evolve to be linked to tangible business goals. Those teams that fail to do so will increasingly be sidelined. IMPACT is the flavour of 2014.

3. The ubiquitous mobile and the hidden trove

A lot has been talked about the ubiquitous  mobile without much action, but 2014 might just be the year when brands discover the hidden trove. The sms, im and chat-based communities such as Whatsapp, WeChat, etc have hardly been utilised by marketers, and we are very likely to see trans-media campaigns that reveal the true influence of these networks for brands.

4. Social CRM

True, social media is increasingly driving agenda marketing, and brands are struggling to cope-up. Notwithstanding, social CRM will become more and more meaningful in the contexts of allied growth in big-data, predictive analysis and social commerce. The much abused concept of “Online Reputation Management” will find few takers, and “Social Care” will be the new mainstream; only lot more smarter, insightful and lot more inextricably linked to the CRM solutions of businesses.

5. Hybrid teams

Birds of the same feather flock together. Well, not really! Teams will become more and more hybrid to bring in diverse skillsets working together on trans-media campaigns. On one side that would mean diverse siloed agencies collaborating right from the campaign ideation stage, and on the other the individual agencies are going to invest on acquiring the skillsets of these diversified agencies.

To check out more trends for 2014, head to Waggener Edstrom’s paper on eight awesome trends that will create a new normal for marketing communications in India and across Asia Pacific.




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