Content is the social currency of 2014.

Contextual content continues to be the buzz word, but very few companies have risen above the noise.

Redbull is first a content company and then an energy drink. Here’s a fun game for those who can spot a Redbull can on the company’s homepage.


Will others follow suit and leverage the content engine as an extension of the brand persona? Irrespective, evolved brands are likely to open up new positions of Content Officers or multimedia story-tellers to extend the brand narrative beyond advertising creatives to snackable micro-content.

The strategies and teams for paid, earned and owned content are increasingly merging, with a focus on delivering consistent, quality content. The game here is changing from speed and frequency to coherence and sustainability, even if less frequent.

Sponsored content is increasingly witnessing deeper publisher partnerships that go beyond native advertising through story-telling innovations that create a win-win for both the advertiser as well as the publisher platforms.

Content is the social currency of 2014 and the brand USP. There’s hardly any USP for products anyways. An equally good alternative exists for most products.

That said, virality is an infatuation that cannot last long. Often I ask people if they have seen the roller skate babies video, and I get a resounding “yes”. Very few outside of the marketing and communications world however remember the brand that created it. Worse still, they name a competitor brand. Please give a pat to yourself if you remember which brand created the video.


Besides, how do you replicate a fluke? Why doesn’t every movie promoter work out a “Kolaveri Di”?

What differentiates a long-remembered story from a soon-forgotten one is the ability to connect all brand acitivities into a coherent positive experience and a personal story of the consumer.


Meaningful content marketing strategies would rather look at the longtail of consumption linked to business objectives.

Myth: Content marketing is about virality.

Bust: You wasted a lot of money, though someone somewhere made a lot with your money.

Smarter distribution with contextual persuasions outweigh best content production when it comes to impact on business objectives.


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